Day One

January 29, 2022

This is Day One musing in my new blog. I’ve thought for a while about starting a blog as a place for longer form comments, observations and critiques extending topics I write about on my Twitter account. 

The story behind every idea starts somewhere…

A image of one of typical office drawing area.

…and I was lucky to be a participant or be a witness during a period of over three decades when The Walt Disney Company extended their theme park resort locations from four to twelve standing on the sites during construction of Euro Disneyland through Shanghai Disneyland Resort.  In my career I’ve been a theme park designer, animation story director, a syndicated comic strip writer, and other ‘stuff’.

This is my place to delve deeper into the stories of projects and my experiences being part of bringing them to life. We’ll begin shortly.

3 thoughts on “Day One”

  1. I can hardly wait, Jim! Your twitter feed has shown your talent for a quick perspective on complicated things, so this will be a great forum for more multi-dimensional analysis and story sharing. I’m glad for your generosity in putting this content out there. Good luck!


  2. Hello Jim. Good luck with your blog. Really looking forward to hearing more about the stories behind your Twitter posts 😀✌️


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